AK Fishball

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    Johor Bahru & Kuala Lumpur

    AK Fishball was founded in 1975 as a family operated fishball stall. Since then, AK Fishball has expanded into the restaurant business with its 2 Main brands, Restaurant Ah Koong and AK Noodles House. AK's signature Fishballs are made purely with 100% fish meat using fresh Ikan Parang (Wolf-Herring Fish) and yellowtail fish. This gives our Fishballs its unique bouncy texture with a delightful fragrance. AK Fishball's Signature Deep Fried Crispy Fishcake is also a must-try dish with the crispy outer skin and chewy fish paste inside. AK Fishball takes stride in maintaining high food quality control by using only the freshest ingredients in our production. We are also determined to adhere to strict food safety and hygiene standards with the help of modern technology in our production plant.
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